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Formed in 2016, CoralFire performed over 240 times in their first year. Remaining in St. Croix after Hurricane Maria, CoralFire continues to perform regularly for locals and tourists!

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Fire Dancers Performing

CoralFire offers the highest quality fire performance anywhere in the Caribbean, as well as beautifully colorful glow shows, atmosphere entertainment, flow arts/dance workshops & modeling services.

We are a fully licensed business in the United States Virgin Islands. CoralFire is the only mobile business in the Virgin Islands that holds a Fire Certificate from the VI Fire Service, with inspections performed by the Fire Department regularly.

We are dedicated to our art, to our island community, and to a high standard of safety. Each performance is seen as an opportunity to live joyously and exceptionally, a chance to create memories both for and with our audience.

CoralFire will be hosting guest performers from the U.S. and abroad. See our schedule for any updates on visits from our amazing fire & circus family around the globe!

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Over 750+ Performances & Events Since 2017

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Safety Standards

Mooring ball that has been cut and made into fire pit.CoralFire is dedicated to making each performance unique and thrilling for our audiences. This begins and ends with safety. CoralFire members have 10+ years of fire performance experience, and our safety protocols are kept to the highest of standards. The V.I. Fire Service performs inspections during our performances regularly. These checks ensure that we are up to Fire Service safety standards, which we always exceed. CoralFire will never put performers, audience members, or property in danger to satisfy a client’s requests, under any circumstances. SAFETY COMES FIRST. The location of safety setup, precise performance location, and type of performance which is acceptable for the space in any given venue is up to the discretion of CoralFire team leaders and safety personnel. If any issue is discovered upon arrival, and after a pre-safety inspection has been completed, CoralFire has the right to change the parameters of the agreed upon performance plan in order to preserve the security of the venue and audience, no exceptions. CoralFire has an exemplary record when it comes to safety, and we intend to maintain our record of excellence.

Fire Safety Personnel is included with every show, no exceptions. Our pricing automatically has safety personnel included.

A thorough CoralFire Pre-inspection & walk through may be performed the day of, or weeks ahead of the scheduled performance, particularly in instances where we have never previously performed at the location. This will allow us to find a suitable performance area, develop a sound safety plan, and address any potential concerns with the venue coordinators – prior to the event.

CoralFire team members will arrive between 1 hour and 30 minutes before show time. One final venue inspection will occur upon arrival, before the performance begins. CoralFire safety personnel will make sure that any previous issues have been addressed by event organizers, or the venue management.

Crowd Control is an extremely important part of safety protocol. Extra safety precautions may be taken for busy locations or particularly bustling events; it is the responsibility of the venue/organizer to assist in crowd control in every way possible. If you feel crowd control may be an issue prior to booking us, please let us know immediately, and we will be able to provide our own crowd control & security.

Your guests are at your event to have fun, but sometimes some people have a bit too much “fun”. This is especially true for any performance that is scheduled late in the evening, or early morning. Depending on the time of performance, additional safety personnel may be booked to control an audience which is likely under the influence.

A clear path between our holding area and performance area is crucial. Walking between tables or through a crowd with live fire is not acceptable.

Start time may be delayed if any last minute, unforseen safety concerns are being addressed. CoralFire will not perform until those concerns are met. Fire Shows will also not start due to inclement weather. If it is raining we will not start until there is a break in the rain. If rain starts while we are performing, the show may continue as long as it does not effect safety

If a fire show must be ended prematurely by ANY member of CoralFire due to an immediate safety concern, it is not guaranteed to be restarted.